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Nov 23, 2012 5:00am PST
. and again, we're asking you and your group to leave. >> no. >> california law gives us the right to talk to customers and handle in front of the stores. >> if you don't leave, we will get the police involved. >> reporter: organizers are calling for walmart to improve employee wages and working conditions. other walmarts targeted today include the richmond and fairfield stores as well as the story road location in east san jose. >>> thanks for coming by channel 5 this morning, by the way. it's 5:06. let's get the latest look at weather and traffic. we are going to begin with the lady who is dressed appropriately. >> very good. it's actually navy, brian. >> looks black to me. >> it's dark. [ laughter ] >>> black friday so we're hoping the commute is not going to be a bad one. actually it's looking okay right now. this is our one incident that we had earlier this morning. northbound 680 approaching landess avenue. we had a traffic light down in the road but all lanes are free and clear on northbound 680 so it's cruising through milpitas. live look at 880, people may be heading towards area
Nov 28, 2012 5:00am PST
of violating recordkeeping and federal overtime laws. it turns out hundreds of employees were misclassified so they didn't get overtime. others were shortchanged in their paychecks. workers in five states will be getting a portion of the money. >>> 5:10 now. the hint of bipartisanship is starting to fade in washington when it comes to avoiding the "fiscal cliff." some republicans said they are willing to consider some tax increases but they are insisting on larger budget cuts to benefit programs, which democrats oppose. if all sides can't agree on a spending plan before the year's end, automatic tax hikes and across-the-board budget cuts will all kick in. >> we must do everything we can during this short period of time to ensure that middle class families are not hit with $2,200 a year in tax increases. >> i hope cooler heads will prevail as we move through the process. we need to be working together. >> president obama is trying to generate public support for his idea. he will meet with corporate executives at the white house then travel to pennsylvania on friday to push for higher tax rates
Nov 26, 2012 5:00am PST
of the law. >>> we know identity theft can happen through fishing scams and dumpster diving to find documents. this one's new. it turns out everyone at the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york had a chance to pick up some confidential information. apparently parade go ors took a closer look at the confetti and were surprised to find social security numbers, names addresses, even worse, the papers came from local police departments and contained information about undercover cops, incident reports and details about former presidential candidates mitt romney's motorcade. >> i'm just completely in shock that, how can anyone have this type of sensitive information and why is it be shredded and distributed at the thanksgiving paid. >> the police department says it's launching an investigation and reviewing how they dispose of sensitive documents. >> that is not good. it is 5:20 right now. >>> they play through rain, sleet and snow. >> what's the one thing that can put a profootball game on hold. you're going to e see when we come back. >>> what's cool about your school, you can submit your no
Nov 21, 2012 5:00am PST
clara county board of supervisors is accused of violating state campaign ethics laws and misusing public funds. the d.a. he was office is investigating george shirakawa. in an exclusive interview shirakawa tells kcbs radio he has nothing to hide and doesn't plan to resign. >> i take the allegations very seriously. there's been a lot written over the past month about, you know, spending that in my office. i want people to understand and know that it's a matter of public record and if there are inquiries going on... >> shirakawa is also under fire for having a $90,000 a year bodyguard. he tells kcbs radio he will reimburse the county for any charges that are deemed inappropriate. >>> a grinch just showed up on a bay area front porch but while the thief was casing the house, the house was casing her. it happened at the fremont home of trevor. his cameras captured images of a woman on his porch stealing a package as well as a bag of food donations left for charity. he believes the woman had been following u.p.s. trucks through the neighborhood and he hopes the footage will lead to her arres
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4